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YAGEO launches the HCV MLCCs to meet the needs of Industrial application

In recent years, industrial-grade electronic devices have much more requirements for functional expansion to increase workload with improving power efficiency. Take an industrial-grade server, for example, the features must include a powerful computing capability and a large storage space to handle a huge amount of loading/unloading, filing, and storage in a short time, while providing services to lots of users simultaneously. With this multitasking, YAEGO has launched the HCV (high capacitance + high voltage) X7R MLCCs to meet the high requirements of industrial applications.

With the new launch, YAGEO HCV X7R covers case size (inch) from 0402 to 1210 with the highest capacitance and rated voltage 47uF, 100 volts respectively. To meet the growing demand, its new factory which will be put into operation in 2023, also retains more production capacity, making YAGEO the most competitive supplier of HCV MLCCs.

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