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  • Lantronics
    For more than 25 years, Lantronix has been a leading global networking company. Today, our specialized networking expertise is being put to work to enable the more than 50 billion devices, machines and people being connected to, and participating in the industrial (commercial) Internet of Things (“IoT”). Device and (big) data management, mobility, and secure enterprise-level security and networking are key pillars in the reality of IoT. And addressing these fundamental pillars is exactly what we do. Our products, solutions, and services enable connectivity (wired, Wi-Fi and cellular) and the management of “things” – machines, devices, sensors, computers, and more.…
  • MTC
    Shenzhen Motor Technology company (hereafter short for”MTC” or “the company”) founded in 2011, and locates in Guangming Hi-tech area of Shenzhen, China, with elegant surroundings and convenient transportations. MTC focuses on precision stepper motor technology, and committed to design and manufacturing of stepper motor. With independent intellectual property rights, the product of MTC is widely applied to dashboard of automobile, motorcycle and other stepper controlling applicationfileds.
  • Excelitas
    Excelitas Technologies provides innovative, customized optoelectronics and advanced electronic systems to a global customer base of leading OEMs seeking high-performance, market-driven technology solutions. Excelitas Technologies is a global technology leader with a broad array of technologies and solutions that help enable green, energy-conserving applications including: Solar Simulation Energy-saving Lighting Intelligent Air Conditioners Smart Thermostats Energy-efficient Printers/Copiers Energy-efficient Microwave Ovens Automotive Sunload and Twilight Sensing Battery Monitoring in Electric Cars Proximity Light Switching Dusk-to-Dawn Light Switching Smart Gaming Controllers Smart PC Monitors and TVs UV Lighting for Sterilization
  • Fujitsu
    Fujitsu is the global leader in graphics display controllers (GDCs) for embedded applications, including instrument clusters, in-dash navigation, heads-up displays and rear-seat entertainment. Fujitsu also offers the world’s first automotive controller for HD video in vehicle networks and delivers CAN microcontrollers that are used widely for critical automotive functions. Fujitsu has been working with the automotive industry for more than 35 years, serving some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, and has a dedicated Automotive Solutions business group. Fujitsu is a strategic partner to the global automotive industry. We provide world-class technology, services and solutions for improving efficiency, reducing costs…
  • Murata
    Murata is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic materials, leading edge electronic components, and multi-functional, high-density modules. Murata innovations can be found in a wide range of applications from mobile phones to home appliances, and automotive applications to energy management systems and healthcare devices.
  • Spansion
    Spansion is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. The company’s main wafer fabrication facility known as Fab 25 is located in Austin, Texas. The company also operates one final-manufacturing facility, in Bangkok, Thailand. In Penang, Malaysia the company has a design center which focuses on providing design, layout, CAD and verification services and support to cross-site design centers. Spansion’s product portfolio offers NOR densities ranging from four-megabit to eight-gigabits, NAND densities ranging from one-gigabit to eight-gigabits and an array of interfaces and features. It has developed two flash memory technologies, single-bit-per-cell floating gate technology and one-, two- or more-bit-per-cell MirrorBit technology, with…