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Connectivity is the key feature of modern embedded products. Connected products are the key growth area of IoT and can significantly improve revenue, system uptime, asset utilisation and reduce costs.

The most widespread communication technologies, after the fiber and copper Ethernet, are Cellular Networks’ CDMA, EDGE, LTE and HSPA+. Research shows that at the current rate of development, global cellular M2M connections will reach around one billion by 2020. 2 billion mark is achievable subject to favourable market conditions.

Another trend of IoT era is the application of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces in areas never thought of before – from bikes and trains to shoes, watches and consumer electronics.

ZigBee and PLC technologies are not very popular yet, but they occupy major place in HVAC, lighting control and Smart House systems.

Finally, low power wide area (LPWAN) network technologies such as LoRaWAN and SIGFOX, that utilize sub-GHz ISM bands, together with LTE NB-IoT, show great potential and are currently in focus of almost all HW and SW manufacturers.

Our team, utilising its broad experience and highly-skilled employees, helps our customers to choose the best hardware and software solutions, specifically tailored for their needs.