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Electronic components supply

When producing modern electronic devices, manufacturer usually meets a great number of challenges. One of them is the need to procure high-quality electronic components, which should conform with all requirements, certificates and should be delivered to a conveyor line in time.

To organise uninterrupted flow of high-quality electronic components, a supplier must combine outstanding professionalism of its employees, relevant industry knowledge and direct contracts with components’ manufacturers.The presence of all these qualities may only be proven by examples of successfully realized projects.

We offer all the services required from the best electronic components suppliers that enable our customers to win in a competitive environment.
Under “Partners” section you can find just a few examples of our vendors and suppliers. As soon as you agree with our proposal for cooperation, we will open for you the full range of our capabilities.

How can we help?

If you are interested in supplying electronic components, please feel free to contact us for an informal conversation.

We would greatly appreciate if you could prepare your BOM list, original manufacturers’ part numbers, possible replacement and MOQ beforehand. Same day feedback is possible if all the information above is correct and sent to us in a digital format.

Tel: +44(0)1 354 659394

See also the request form.