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FXUWB.01 makes waves in UWB technology

Taoglas, a leading provider of IoT and M2M antenna solutions, has developed a range of Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) antennas, offering more practical and easily integrated solutions than ever before. The UWB spectrum spans multiple GHz of frequency bandwidth which is in stark contrast to current and historical narrow band communications systems such as Cellular, Wi-Fi and GNSS. This means that not only the approach has to be different at system level, but also advanced antennas have to be designed and utilized.

Taoglas has developed various innovative and new-to-the-market antennas designed for seamless integration, using simple adhesive and highly flexible micro-coaxial cable mounting while achieving high performance where space is limited. Our engineers have successfully simplified the monopole antenna designs currently available. The advancement enables flexible cable and connector feeding instead of a rigid PCB with SMA connector terminal mount. This results in easier and sleeker antenna integration inside the device housing.

FXUWB.01, is a  flagship, high performance 4dBi omnidirectional antenna designed to cover UWB frequencies between 6-7.5GHz. This small form factor antenna, at just 15.5*18*0.2mm, is ground plane independent and offers superior efficiency of over 75%.

Existing localization technologies such as Assisted GPS for Indoors, Wi-Fi and Cellular fingerprinting are at best able to offer meter precision, while UWB enables centimeter level localization precision for indoor and outdoor localization as well as very high transmission speed. This technology potential comes from the ultra-wide frequency bandwidth (wider than 500 MHz, commonly 1-2 GHz) which means that the radiated pulses can a duration of less than 1 millisecond.

Potential applications for the FXUWB.01 may include future smart home and entertainment systems that can take advantage of high data rates for streaming high quality audio and video content in real time, localization applications in healthcare and safety for seniors and infants, or even precise non-invasive and non-ionizing imaging for cancer detection. Other applications may include precise asset localization and identification for security, such as wireless keyless cars and premise entry systems.

Taoglas is the recommended  antenna supplier by DecaWave. Our FXUWB.01 can be used with DecaWave module and we are currently collaborating to develop embedded antenna solutions for user equipment.