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Cypress Brings Instant-on to Automotive, Industrial and IoT Applications with the Industry’s First Serial Memory Solution in a Low Pin-Count Multi-chip Package

New Solution Combines Cypress’s HyperFlash™ and HyperRAM™ Memories Based on the High-Bandwidth, Low-Pin-Count HyperBus™ Interface

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announced the qualification of a small-footprint memory solution that enables instant-on applications. The solution contains Cypress’s 3V 512-Mbit HyperFlash™ and 64-Mbit HyperRAM™ memories in a multi-chip package (MCP) measuring only 8-mm by 6-mm.

The Cypress HyperFlash and HyperRAM MCP combines a high-speed NOR flash memory for fast-boot, instant-on capability with a self-refresh DRAM for expanded scratchpad memory in a low-pin-count package for space-constrained and cost-optimized embedded designs. The solution is ideal for a wide range of applications, including automotive clusters and infotainment systems, communication equipment, industrial systems and high-performance consumer products.

The HyperFlash and HyperRAM MCP leverages Cypress’s 12-pin HyperBus™ interface and is housed in a 24-ball ball grid array (BGA) package that shares a common footprint with both discrete HyperFlash and HyperRAM products. This common footprint enables design engineers to implement a single-pad layout that supports either discrete device or the HyperFlash and HyperRAM MCP, allowing changes at any point in the design or product lifecycle without affecting board layout. This flexibility enables differentiated end products based on a single platform design, saving development time and minimizing cost.

“Cypress first introduced the HyperFlash and HyperRAM memory products to provide reliable high-performance, low-pin-count solutions that reside on a single 12-pin HyperBus to simplify embedded system board design”, said Rainer Hoehler, Vice President of the Flash Business Unit at Cypress. “The HyperFlash and HyperRAM MCP is the next logical progression. It is an optimum solution to get a full high-performance memory subsystem with 70% fewer pins and a 77% smaller footprint compared to existing SDRAM and Quad SPI solutions”.

Customers and partners developing Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) or Application-Specific Standard Product (ASSP) solutions, receive Cypress’s full support through a HyperBus Master Interface Controller IP Package. Customers can easily integrate this IP into their host controller platform to accelerate their product design cycles. The Controller IP supports both HyperFlash and HyperRAM products and is free of charge and royalty-free.

The HyperFlash and HyperRAM MCP is offered in the industrial (-40°C to +85°C) and industrial-plus (-40°C to +105°C) temperature ranges. Both temperature ranges are also available with AEC-Q100 automotive qualification and with production part approval process (PPAP) support.

Cypress is demonstrating its full portfolio of embedded solutions for the automotive, industrial and IoT markets at the Electronica 2016 trade show in hall A5 booth number 318 booth of the Messe München in Munich, Germany from November 8-11. Cypress enables innovative systems with its MCU, PSoC® programmable system-on-chip and CapSense® capacitive-sensing solutions, state-of-the-art wireless connectivity solutions, analog Power Management ICs (PMICs), USB-based connectivity solutions and high-performance memories.


The Cypress 3V, 512Mb HyperFlash and 64Mb HyperRAM MCP is qualified now with production beginning in the fourth quarter of 2016. 1.8V HyperFlash and HyperRAM MCP products will be available beginning in the first quarter of 2017.