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Fujitsu Develops 4 Mbit Quad SPI FRAM Capable of 54 MB/s Data Transfer

Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd. announced the development of MB85RQ4ML, its new FRAM product with 4 Mbit of memory, which represents the highest density in the non-volatile RAM market with a quad SPI interface, and has the highest data transfer rate in Fujitsu’s FRAM product line. The new product is available in sample quantities starting today.

Its high-speed operation and non-volatile memory make it ideal for use in the networking, RAID controller, and industrial computing fields.

Leveraging FRAM’s non-volatility, high-speed read/write cycles, high read/write endurance, and low power consumption, Fujitsu Semiconductor has been proposing batteryless solutions using FRAM for the wearables market and the IoT market.

This product uses a 1.8V single power supply and quad SPI interface, and is capable of 54 MB/s data transfer with 108 MHz operation. Among Fujitsu Semiconductor’s previous products, 4Mbit FRAM with 16-bit parallel interfaces in 44-pin TSOP package was the fastest at 13 MB/s, however this product enables approximately 4 times the data read/write speed with less pin counts.

MB85RQ4ML is an ideal for network equipment, such as routers, where setting data values is continually rewritten. It is positioned half-way between high-density non-volatile memory for data storage and high-speed working memory, and supports data rewriting with high-speed access and data back-ups.