Lantronix to Preview Industry’s Smallest Embedded IoT Gateway, xPico® 250 at Embedded World

Lantronix, a global provider of secure data access and management solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) and information technology (IT) assets, provided an early preview of its xPico 200 family of embedded IoT gateways at the Embedded World Conference in Nürnberg, Germany.

Measuring just 17mm by 25 mm, the xPico 200 family will deliver seamless and secure Ethernet, Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth connectivity, enabling OEMs to go to market faster with their smart IoT solutions. xPico 200 series will feature advanced enterprise security, networking intelligence, and pre-integration with Lantronix’s MACH10 management software platform in a compact footprint that enables the functionality of a powerful IoT device gateway to be integrated into machines not previously thought possible. Lantronix will be making early units available for OEM designs and testing in the second quarter of calendar 2017.

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New FRAM solution for automotive applications from Fujitsu

Non-volatile memory technology with extended temperature range (Compliant with AEC Q100)

Fujitsu Electronics Europe has launched its new FRAM (ferroelectric RAM) solution MB85RS256TY. It is the first component of a completely new product group which is designed for an operating temperature of up to 125°C and is qualified according to the AEC Q100 industry standard, making it particularly suitable for use in the automotive sector. With the new series, Fujitsu wants to serve various applications in the automotive market and support innovative projects.

The ever increasing demand from the automotive industry for electronic control systems, which access a wide variety of sensor data, has led to a growing demand for high-performance non-volatile memory technology. Only in this way can data collected by sensors be reliably stored without a delay - for example, for analysis purposes or for other forms of data processing. FRAM reduces system complexity and increases data integrity by allowing instant and continuous data storage in applications such as air bag data storage, event data recorders (EDR), battery management systems (BMS), automatic driving assistance systems (ADAS) or navigation and infotainment systems.

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Meet us at the Embedded World 2017 fair

You are interested in the latest developments from the world of the Internet of Things and would like to establish new contacts? Then you are in the right place at embedded world!

We are glad to present you embedded solutions for industrial, automotive, IoT and energy efficiency systems on the Embedded World trade fair in Nuremberg. Come and visit our partner's stand: Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH (Hall 2 / 2-110).

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Lantronix introduced multi-dimensional IoT management software platform

Lantronix introduced MACH10, a multi-dimensional management software platform designed to enable OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to profitably deliver web-scale IoT applications and services.

Featuring extensible, ready-to-use management applications and a suite of essential micro-services available through industry-standard APIs, MACH10 is a cloud agnostic, hybrid platform that allows OEMs and their partners to deliver secure data access and management software and services to support their connected machines and their customers.

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Murata introduces DMH supercapacitor featuring world’s lowest profile of 0.4mm

Supercapacitors have over a hundred times the capacity of ceramic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors, and as a storage device they have a longer working life than ordinary secondary batteries. Murata supercapacitors are small in size while having world-leading low ESR. By using the capacitor for peak power assist in small electronics, the product contributes to increased output and power stability as well as functional improvement of the device.

The currently launched DMH Series accommodates use in limited space, and it is ideal for use in various wearable devices, mobile electronics, smart cards, electronic paper devices, and similar applications.

The supercapacitor’s 4.5 V rated voltage provides peak power assist with lithium-ion batteries, and its 35mF large capacity and low ESR of 300mΩ enable peak power assist in tens of milliseconds with 1A.

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FXUWB.01 makes waves in UWB technology

Taoglas, a leading provider of IoT and M2M antenna solutions, has developed a range of Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) antennas, offering more practical and easily integrated solutions than ever before.  The UWB spectrum spans multiple GHz of frequency bandwidth which is in stark contrast to current and historical narrow band communications systems such as Cellular, Wi-Fi and GNSS. This means that not only the approach has to be different at system level, but also advanced antennas have to be designed and utilized.

Taoglas has developed various innovative and new-to-the-market antennas designed for seamless integration, using simple adhesive and highly flexible micro-coaxial cable mounting while achieving high performance where space is limited. Our engineers have successfully simplified the monopole antenna designs currently available. The advancement enables flexible cable and connector feeding instead of a rigid PCB with SMA connector terminal mount. This results in easier and sleeker antenna integration inside the device housing.

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