About Elecomp Co. LTD

Founded in October 2006, Elecomp company is an international team of professionals in the design of electronic devices. It also provides corresponding prototyping, preparation for mass production and pass through the full manufacturing cycle in reasonable time services.

In 2007, Elecomp launched its first TUV-certified assembly line for telecom application. Next year the first contract with one of the automotive market leader was signed.

After the boom navigational M2M technologies, Elecomp participated in the project for global international shipping company. Elecomp together with customer's engineers designed and launched to mass production the data collector of all incoming information from different shipping branches and developed a system to successfully process the incoming data.

Our team of professional engineers, inventors, businessmen and dreamers of brighter technological future, live to solve the problems that truly matters.
We work to make the world a better place by making modern technology and innovations available for everybody.

Please take a look at our experience and contact us anytime to discuss the possibility of cooperation.